Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is HCG Safe?

Well, I chose this protocol after realizing that miscarriages would bring on a large drop in my weight. I've been pregnant about 7 times, and given birth 5 times. HCG is the same hormone released by a pregnant mother. It is what is tested for in pregnancy tests.

HCG is used in fertility treatments at far higher doses than are used for the protocol. Releasing weight doesn’t require nearly as high a dose. Using a homeopathic reduces the dose to the "magnetic fingerprint".

I'm often surprised at people who are afraid that this is bad for them somehow. All I can figure is that they are poorly informed. You see, HCG is nearly a cure for obesity. The medical establishment would like to keep that quiet - because the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar part of the economy. When that much money is involved, someone is going to come up with a bunch of specious arguments about the safety of this product and overlook the extant studies that proclaim its efficacy.

HCG, used properly, is very safe. Just follow the protocol. And yes, I recommend the homeopathic, since there's no mixing involved. It is every bit as effective as the injections

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