Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dealing with Cravings

I thought the first three days would be the hardest, but I would kill someone for a piece of cake.  Or a box of Nilla wafers.  I hope this eases up!

We had a Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts last night, and some sick person brought a chocolate cake.  With chocolate icing.  I adore chocolate.  My ex came since our Jared was receiving awards (the religious square knot and his 5th Arrow Point on the Wolf Trail) and kept offering that cake to me.

Or a hamburger.  With french fries. And fry sauce.  Or onion rings. 

Oh, well, I will hold strong.  I'm drinking lots and lots of water, some with Crystal Light, so I don't feel hungry.  I'm really not hungry, I just want to eat.  Since I can recognize the difference, I can tap on it and hold strong through it.  Sometimes it's just a matter of staying busy.  Sometimes it's a matter of just looking at the photo I have of when I was thin, and knowing that I just have 35 more days to go, and then I'll be at my goal weight. 

The thing to remember is that this is all worth it....

So: Lots of water, green tea, coffee, diet soda (or whatever other liquids work for you), and hold out just a little longer.  Reach out for support.  Hang in there.  Sometimes just getting busy for 15 minutes at a time will help.  EFT helps.

Stats: Weight this morning, 165.4, down 4.6 pounds in 4 days from start weight of 170.0.  Consistent loss of a pound a day.  GOAL: 135.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 3 VLCD

I weighed in this morning at 166.4.  That is down 3.6 pounds from my start weight of 170.  I'm pretty hopeful now that a 40 day round will see me to my goal weight of 135.  I am already seeing my tummy start to "deflate." It's exciting to see the changes so quickly!

One of the things I noticed before, is that if I allow myself a cheat -- even one -- it opens everything up and I might as well hang up the round.  I have to be really, super careful.  I'm like that in a lot of ways in my life - if I leave my savings account alone, I'm fine, but once I dip into it, it's open season.  If I allow myself a day to sleep in, pretty soon I'm sleeping in all the time.  It's like, once I cross that boundary, it becomes very difficult to re-establish that boundary.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Results from Day 1, how Day 2 is going

I began loading at a weight of 170.0.  After load, my weight was 172.4.  This morning, my weight was 167.4!  That's down 5 pounds from yesterdays, weight, and 2.6 pounds from my start weight. 

THIS is why I love this diet plan so much.  The hunger isn't too bad, and the results are outstanding - and immediate!

I'm preparing my lunch right now.  Salad with Waldon Farms dressing, grilled chicken, apple dusted with a bit of cinnamon.  Dinner will be the same, but with asparagus instead of salad.

Incidentally, for the "You'll gain it back" crowd, I began this in 2010 at a high weight of 189.  I have kept most of the weight off for 2 years.   Once this weight comes off it is staying off for good.  Part of the program is to weigh daily, so you can adjust your food intake, which I did.  Most of the time when the weight is re-gained, it is because the habit of weighing in is lost.  You can't manage what you don't measure!

Tips and tricks:
Weigh every day, whether you're on protocol or not. Then you can adjust your regimen if the weight begins to creep back on.

Waldon Farms dressing has no carbs, no fat, no sugar, no gluten, no calories.  If you can't stand to skip dressing, try it and see if it stalls you.

If you don't like/can't find Waldon Farms, try putting your salad dressing on the side.  Dip the fork into it before taking a bite of salad, you get just a bit of the salad dressing taste without the calories.

Have a mint if you are craving foods.  Even water tastes nasty after a mint.

Water, water, water!  Dr Simeon recommends a high fluid intake.  Pure water is best, but Crystal Lite, or lemon in your water, green tea, herbal teas, or black coffee will do as well.  I drink Diet Coke throughout, with lots of water, and that helps with the hunger.  The carbonation helps me feel fuller as well.

The first 3 days are the hardest.  HCG doesn't do much for hunger for me, it helps release the fat in the body.  The first 3 days, the stomach is getting accustomed to the reduced food intake.  After that, you'll be used to it and it will become easier.  My first round, I almost didn't want to quit because I was used to it!

If you're going to an event, plan in advance (if you can) how you will handle food.  For example, my son's Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts is tomorrow.  I'd forgotten it when I began the protocol.  We're having tacos.  So I will enjoy the seasoned ground beef with lots of shredded lettuce.  Voila!  Taco salad!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

So far, so good!

Today was the first day of the very low calorie diet after 2 days of loading.  There is an evil, evil cupcake sitting on my kitchen counter absolutely calling me to eat it.  However, I am holding strong, reminding myself why I'm doing this, and eating an apple dusted with cinnamon.  Yum!  I'm looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow to see what the first day brings!

I did gain 2 pounds during loading.  However, that is perfectly normal on the HCG diet.  I'm a little hungry today, but then again I only ate 1 meal instead of the 2 I am allowed - I wasn't hungry at dinnertime!  Lunch was a chicken breast grilled on my George Foreman grill.  I bought it because it's too cold to use the outdoor grill.  And romaine lettuce, an apple, and the croutons from a Caesar Salad kit.  It's a very filling lunch, and then at dinnertime I just wasn't hungry. 

A cheat that I use to get some dressing taste (no dressings allowed except for balsamic vinegar), is to put the dressing in a cup on the side, dip my fork into it, then spear the lettuce.  I get just a hint of dressing as opposed to a salad swimming in it, still get the taste, and don't stall my diet. 

The absolute wonderful thing about this program is that it works, it works very quickly, and that I am able to easily keep the weight off once it's gone.  Even the "approved" weight loss protocols don't do that.  When I work out and eat well, I can only maintain.  HCG is the only thing that has worked for me for weight loss.

I'm still nursing that sore shoulder - the pain isn't as bad, but my arm still goes to sleep at inopportune times, like when my kids are leaning against me and want affection.  It's irritating as can be. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reviewing HCG

I am beginning a new round of HCG (today was my 2nd load day) and realized that not only am I nearly out, I don't know if I can get more from my supplier in time.  So I've been  looking at other brands of homeopathic HCG to see what my alternatives are.

I've been getting some good laughs reading the reviews.  Remember - Homeopathic HCG has a vibrational fingerprint of HCG, so everyone who is used to the shots is screaming "Oh my hell, there's no HCG in that!"  Of course not.  And I don't care!  I want to know one thing, and one thing only.

Does it work in conjunction with the Simeons Pounds and Inches protocol?  

After reviewing several sites and brands, I have decided that nearly any brand will work.  Don't freak out if it says "hormone free" - homeopathic does not contain anything but water.  And that's OK, because it still works.  I don't care if it's a placebo effect, I care if the scales are going down and my clothes are getting too big - and if I still feel good through the process.

Tomorrow I begin the diet itself.  I've got chicken breast, apples, cucumbers, and lettuce waiting for me.  After gorging for two days, I'm looking forward to eating what I know will work.  Cucumbers are delicious sliced up with salt and maybe some hot sauce - just as good as chips!  Apples with a dusting of cinnamon, perhaps a dip of stevia, strawberries dipped in a little stevia for a treat.... I am never hungry on HCG, in fact often the salad and protein are plenty.

I'd tried to do a few more rounds before, but just could not stick to the diet, mostly for emotional reasons,  and ended up quitting within a couple of days.  This time I have firmly decided that the last 40 pounds are coming off.  I should reach that by Easter.

So far as the running, I'm struggling to get that done.  I have come to enjoy running, but the added step of getting to the rec center seems to be more than I want to do right now.  I did go yesterday, and I plan to go today.  Last week I was so exhausted for some reason that I was sleeping 12 hours or more a day and just felt like I couldn't function.  I don't know what the challenge was - last time that happened I was on vacation in Central America and fell asleep every time I was in the car, in addition to nights and siesta.  I must have been pushing myself way too hard (which would also explain the shoulder injury).

I will report back tomorrow!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

No running today....

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with me.  And I've been exhausted all day.  Ugh.  Tomorrow, I will go to the city rec center and run there.  (I hope they have treadmills.)  At least it will be warm. 

I noticed yesterday that I was a lot more winded than I had been after running.  It will take some time to build up conditioning and shock my body into releasing the weight.

I also plan to do a salt water flush in the morning.  Sounds pretty nasty, but if it helps me lose weight, I'm all for it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting back to workouts....

I injured my shoulder about 6 weeks ago.  After 3 weeks of trying to work through/around it, I finally had to let it rest.  It was bad enough that working was agony - and I work at the computer!

It's starting to get better, so I decided to start running again.  I do interval runs only, 5 minutes of warm up walking, then 6 rounds of running for one minute, walking for 2.  Then a 5 minute cool down.

Interval running burns more fat than "steady state" cardio does, and gets you into shape faster. I don't know if it's desirable to do the hard, hard, intense workouts - I know trainers who promote them, but I believe I can reach my goals with a much gentler approach.  What good does it do me to work out hard if I keep hurting myself?

My plan is to maintain my nutrition, plenty of vegetables and fruit, lean protein,  a gallon of water a day, and stay off the Diet Coke.  I'm using this weekend to start easing myself into it.  Then I'll do the "hard core" dieting during Lent, appropriately enough.  :)  Actually, 40 days ought to be enough time to take the bulk of the weight off and get used to a new eating plan.  I will also do the interval runs every day except Sunday.  I may run tomorrow anyway to establish the habit.  (There is a major winter storm supposed to be coming in tonight, so the weather will be a factor in running tomorrow.)

So, anyway, I just finished my run, and it was very difficult this time.  I was winded - I hadn't been winded during an interval run in ages.  The lack of exercise has been showing up in a tighter (almost uncomfortable) fit to my jeans, not just on the scales.  But since I know what to do, I'll keep up the hard work and know it will come back off.  Then it will be a matter of working off the rest of the extra weight....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Headed the wrong way....

My weight is edging back up, partly due to a shoulder injury (can't work out without re-injuring myself) and eating too many processed foods.  Evidently cheddar-jalapeno Cheetos are not good for weight loss, lol!  I am finding myself unable to stick to my diet plan - any diet plan. Too much emotional eating....

 I'm still anxious to reach my goal weight of 125, though.

I did get my interval run in this morning and last night.  I run intervals because I hate running, and because spiking the heart rate burns more fat.  I think for me, activity is almost more important than nutrition - partly because when you're more active (at least for me) there's less tendency to eat junk.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Changing tactics

Well, it seems that I have to be very careful about exercise.  I have injured my shoulder trying to do heavy workouts requiring a lot of focus early in the morning (when I'm honestly not yet awake).  I have decided to stick to interval training in the evenings for now.  I'm also watching what I eat very carefully.  The weight is coming off more slowly, but it is coming off, and that is what counts!

Tips?  Guess what, there's an app for almost anything you want to do!

The top thing I've found for weight loss is water.  Lots and lots of water.  Temperature doesn't seem to matter.  I found a "Drinking Water" app for my android phone that allows me to keep track of how much water I'm drinking. 

I'm also using "Lose It" for tracking food and exercise.  I don't know how accurate it is, but it does help keep track of approximate values, so I'm not scarfing down everything in sight and wondering why I don't lose weight!