Friday, July 9, 2010

Loading day 1

I started loading today for this round.  I'm almost concerned that I won't be able to eat enough.  I've had Wendy's,, and a milkshake, so far today. 

When I'm loading, I eat fats.  Lots of fats.  Cream gravy, fatty meats, ice cream, sour cream, ice cream (did I mention ice cream), and those eclairs I love so much.  Butter, gravy (I'm a Southern girl, I like good sausage gravy - or any other kind, for that matter), fried foods.  I try to keep it to healthy fats, but I don't always manage to do it.

If you're a coffee drinker, load days are the time to get all those creamy cappuccinos at Starbucks for 500 calories a cup.

This is my time to get binging out of my system for three weeks.  It's a good time to eat all those otherwise-forbidden foods (and remember why I don't eat at McDonald's - it always makes me sick).  I sometimes wonder if it's a mental re-set.  I do know that by the time Monday gets here and I'm going on the very low calorie diet, it's a relief not to have to eat so damn much.

Weight today = 160.4.  Goal weight = 125.


  1. I'm cheering for you! (and I'll be right behind you) I'm starting in 2 more weeks.) I'm tempted to just do it now, but I know that all that food at the Pioneer Day activity will be too much temptation for me to stick to the VLCD. I love your pic, you look awesome!

  2. I'm not planning to do anything for Pioneer Day, so I tried to plan around July 4. *grin* It's good to know that the strict dieting is only for 3 weeks. I'm getting used to eating cleaner, though, so I expect that this round will be easier.

    I hope.

    Thanks for keeping me accountable - I'm going to need it!