Thursday, December 30, 2010

Using EFT to eliminate cravings

The holidays have been stressful for me.  Lots of good stuff, lots of....not so good stuff....that seems to be magnified by occurring in December.  My boyfriend went into the hospital the week before Thanksgiving, which stressed me almost to the limit.  Naturally, given my disposition, I don't show my emotion.  I stuff them.  Usually with a chocolate chaser.

That is NOT conducive to weight loss.  In fact (hangs head in shame) I gained back 18 pounds.

In 2 days, I've lost 4 of them.  I've started tapping to promote the weight loss.

If you don't know what tapping or EFT is, I invite you to check out the website  There is information there on how to get started, and where to tap. 

The statements I used were:

(karate chop) Even though I am carrying this extra weight, I deeply and completely accept myself. 
(top of head) I don't need this weight.
(eyebrow) I can release this weight.
(under eye) It's safe for me to release this weight.
(under nose) I don't need this weight.
(sore spot) It's OK for me to release this weight.

The days I've used EFT, in conjunction with HCG and good nutrition, I've lost 2 pounds a day. You can use it to eliminate cravings, settle stress, stop smoking, and much more.   Let me know if you try it, and what your results were!