Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exercise on HCG

Pounds and Inches states that little exercise is needed, mostly "strolling" around the block.  However, I have worked out (off and on) for years. I don't feel right unless I work out.  And, now that I'm over 40, every little bit of calorie expenditure helps.

But 500 calories a day isn't enough for a hard, strenuous workout.  Really.

I listen to my body, and scale back if I feel like I need to.  It's frustrating in a lot of ways, since I've lifted heavy weight before and the weakness kinda catches me off guard.  At the same time, I don't want to get hurt.  I do want to  maintain muscle and lose fat.  HCG helps with that a great deal.  Exercise does a lot to help that as well. 

So what I personally tell people (for what it's worth), don't BEGIN a workout routine, other than easy walking, while on the protocol.

If you're already working out, CONTINUE your workouts by all means.  Be prepared to scale back.  Listen to your body.  Mine says "Get your butt up and get a wiggle on!" 

Oh, and work out with a trainer if you don't have one.  You want someone who will push you to, but not beyond, your limits, and will understand that your strength will change while you're on protocol.  I recommend Mat the Trainer at EXL Fitness in Orem, UT.  He's been putting up with me for months, so he knows what he's in for if your on HCG.

Daily accountability - Weight this morning 160.2 Goal weight 125.0. 

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