Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saving Dinner

I'm  preparing to take better care of myself and my family by signing up for Saving Dinner.  After all, I still have to take care of younger children (who are NOT on a diet!) and some of her dishes turn out to be HCG friendly.  I want to eat good foods when I'm between rounds.

I used Saving Dinner for a couple of years back in '07 and '08, and then I kind of fell off the wagon.  They actually email you your shopping list and menus for the week.  Then all you have to do is follow instructions.  No thinking required.  It brought my grocery bill way down, kept me from filling my cart with "convenience" foods, and fooled my dad into thinking I was a great cook and homemaker.  (Seriously - she taught me to cook.

So I'm up for another round of her menus. I highly recommend them. 

And my accountability for today - weight 162.0, down 3 pounds from yesterday.  Goal 125.0. 

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