Friday, July 23, 2010

Protein, Muscle, and Women

From talking to a lot of women, I've noticed that women are almost scared of protein.  It's like they're afraid of gaining muscle.  Guys love protein.  Ever notice that a man's favorite restaurant is invariably a steak house?  And then women go to a steak house and order -- a salad. 

I'm not knocking salad.  The ones at Texas Road House are delicious.  But don't knock red meat!  It's not evil, bad, or fattening.

Ladies, because of our monthly periods, we need extra iron in our diets.  The tendency to subsist on chicken and salad makes it more difficult for us to replace that iron.  And I don't know about you, but iron pills tend to make me sick to my stomach, my body doesn't absorb it, and they can be hazardous to kids and pets. 

Organ meats such as liver (especially liver) are a great source of iron, but it seems like no one eats them any more.  I love chicken liver, but by the time I bread and fry it (I'm a Southern gal, everything needs to be fried!) it's pretty fattening.  (I also like it tucked into a roasted bird - but it's summer here and I'm not turning on my oven.)  Besides, liver is hard to find in the supermarkets these days.

So I go on to one of my favorite diet meals - STEAK and a vegetable.  Ribeye by far is my favorite.  My iron levels remain good when I eat red meat once or twice a week. 

And today's accountability - weight 156.4 goal 125.0. 

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