Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Loading Days

When you follow the HCG protocol, the first 2 - 3 days are spent doing something totally counter-intuitive. They are loading days.

The first 3 days of taking HCG, you load up on fats. Lots of fats. Literally - you gorge until you're sick, and then you gorge some more.

It seems bizarre to start a diet by gorging on high fat, high calorie foods, but there is a method to the madness. You are going to be eating NO fat at all for the rest of the round. You'll be living on lean meats, veggies, and small amounts of fruit and breads. And I do mean small.

Loading does 2 things. One is that it signals the body that it is OK to release bodyfat, as you're providing all the fat it can use. It prevents the body from going into starvation mode while the HCG is building up. Another is it curbs hunger, which will be vital the first few days of the protocol. If you don't load properly, you're going to have a terrible time with the round. (Ask me how I know. :/ )

You want as much good fat as you can possibly eat. Avocados, full-fat dairy, olive oil, butter, high fat nuts… I always took the opportunity to work through my fast food addiction by eating out as much as I could and eating things that would totally gross me out normally. I'd eat Wendy's and McDonald's till I thought I was going to be sick, and then go eat ice cream, and put sour cream on everything.

If you load properly, you'll REALLY look forward to the first day of the very low calorie diet (VLCD). It'll be a relief NOT to be eating.

I will be loading the weekend of July 4 to begin VLCD July 5.  Anyone want to join me?


  1. I'm very intrigued by this protocol. I have been doing research since seeing you talk about it and have decided to give it a try. I have actually ordered a HHCG spray (no offense for not ordering it from you, but as a result of my research, I decided to go with a spray rather than drops under the tongue.) I'm not sure how long it will take to get the HHCG in, but I am planning on waiting until July 23rd to start loading, (we have a big potluck planned for Pioneer day in our branch... lots of yummy fattening food for sure!) My husband leaves for Mexico on the 23rd, and will be gone for the first 2 weeks of the protocol. I'm hoping it will be a noticeable difference by the time he comes back! I would love to see any pics of your progress if you would share...

  2. These drops don't go under the tongue. They're HHCG and you get them in any way you can.

    I'll see about getting some pictures taken and up. I can't find some of the "befores".