Friday, July 16, 2010

You'll Gain it Back!

Shortly after losing my 1st 20 pounds, I talked to a friend and told her what I was doing with HCG.  Her response?  "You'll gain it back!"

Well, yeah, if I start eating fast food three times a day and gorge on ice cream and Swiss Cake Rolls, I'm sure I will gain it back.  Resetting your metabolism doesn't overcome the bad habits we all got into to get into this mess!

However, being on the strict protocol for three weeks helps break the sugar addiction, break the carbs addiction (bread goes right to my hips), and creates new habits.  I was just reminded of how much I like oranges.  And cucumbers, sliced up with some salt on top.  Yum!

It's true, lettuce is never going to be a comfort food for me, but by sticking to the protocol for three weeks (and then following instructions for stabilizing - where I suspect a lot of people have trouble) I am able to find other means of comforting myself besides eating.

I start looking at food as FUEL for my body.  Not only that, but on only 500 calories a day, if I'm going to put something in my mouth, it had darn well better be so delicious it's worth every calorie.  And I want to savor every bite.  So not only do I start looking at food as fuel, I also start appreciating the sensuality of it even more.

(I mention that because I remember times when I would wolf down food and not even taste it.  Taking the time to taste your food helps slow down eating.)

Daily accountability - I went to the pool yesterday with my kids, so I didn't post.  I'm still worn out.  And boot camp this morning did me in!  Current weight 158.2 goal weight 125.0.  Total loss to date - 6.8 pounds.

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