Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1 Very Low Calories (VLCD)

That would be today.  It's a relief not to eat so much any more.  I'm drinking lots of water and (yes) Diet Coke, although I'm trying to lean more towards the water.  Dinner tonight will be salad with grilled chicken breast for me and hamburgers for the kids.

I also went to EXL Fitness for the next phase of boot camp. It felt sooo good to get my body moving after three weeks (!) of inactivity.  Our bodies are meant to be moved and used.  They're not for holding still.  I even made it almost all the way around the building without stopping to walk, and I got my 20 straight-legged situps in (with Mat cheering me on).  Thankfully he didn't make us do bear crawls!  I hate those (walking on  hands and feet with your butt up in the air).

I'm planning on a long walk tonight and tomorrow, and then boot camp again on Wednesday.  I'm pretty tied up emotionally - I feel like I'm holding myself together with baling wire and twine, all my emotions in a tight little knot in the pit of my stomach - so maybe the long walk will help.

Today's weight = 165.0, goal = 125.0

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