Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speeding along the journey!

I am always surprised when I manage to do well on weight loss even though I'm not following the protocol.  Yesterday I ate ice cream (but that was about it), and spent the day working, in meetings, and tooling around on the scooter.  No veggies, no fruit, no meat (but I do count ice cream as a protein, LOL).  Not nearly enough water. 

And I lost a pound. 

I went to the store looking for something to fix for dinner (my little ones are with their big sister, running through the sprinklers, going to the lake, and generally enjoying the last little bit of summer), but nothing really sounded good.  I was a bit stressed out and didn't feel like eating.

Kind of a nice change, there.

So I had a couple of ice cream sandwiches and called it good.

I'm now down to 154.4.  My goal is 125.0.  29.4 pounds to go!

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