Monday, August 30, 2010

A Little Preparation....

I've realized that part of the reason I'm backsliding like mad is that I'm not preparing my food for the day in advance.  I'm not taking lunch to the office, so then I munch on....foods I'm not supposed to eat.....instead of apple slices with cinnamon or cucumber with Tabasco sauce.  Little Debbie Snack Cakes and Hostess Donuts just don't do much for weight loss.

So I'm going to start planning in advance.  We have a fridge at work, and I keep it well stocked with Diet Coke and bottled water.  I have Crystal Light packets.  Now I need to bring lunch and/or a snack. Bringing apples and my apple slicer will do wonders.

I'm also using the low-carb Menu Mailer from Saving Dinner.  (I really should become an affiliate for this site - I absolutely cannot say enough good things about it.  But I don't earn any money from Leanne, so you know this really comes from my heart!)  I love love love not having to think about dinner - except for once a week, when I get my shopping list and look over the menus.  After that - no thinking required!  I love it!

When you plan things ahead, you are really making a commitment to yourself that you'll improve your diet.  It's easier to avoid the drive-thru when you've already got the makings for dinner at home, your lunch with you, and fruit for a snack.

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