Friday, August 6, 2010

Apple Day

I made the mistake of going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner yesterday (I had a date - that's what he wanted).  I usually find something I can eat - nearly every restaurant has a grilled meat of some kind - but blew it last night.  So today, I'm doing an apple day to recover.  I gained back 1.6 pounds! 

What is an apple day?  Well, all ya get to eat is 6 apples.  And water.  Why it works, I don't know - but it does.  It breaks stalls and helps you recover from a cheat.

And I'm going to have to re-think dating this guy.  The first thing I want is someone who understands that my weight is important to me - and doesn't sabotage me.  I miss Tim like crazy, he was probably the only man I've dated who would ask me what I could eat on my diet and then choose the restaurant based on that.

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