Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Stabilization

I am finished with my round.  There are some things I need to really work on before I begin a new round - and I am only one round away from my ideal weight.

I am going to begin using EFT to conquer emotional eating patterns.  Until I handle that, I will continue to justify breaking the protocol.  There are other ways for me to handle my emotions.  When Krista was a baby and I was in an abusive marriage, I would load her in her stroller and walk until I calmed down.  That could be miles. 

I'm also going to add more protein to my diet, starting now.  On my first round (when I lost 30 pounds), the hunger was killing me, until I added a protein shake.  It only took one for me to recover from the hunger.  The protocol is very protein deficient.  Perhaps the added shake will make a difference.

Even though I'm not on HCG at the moment, I lost 2 pounds yesterday.  I had raisin bran for breakfast, and chicken and a large salad for dinner.  I forgot lunch.

If you are interested in following the Pounds and Inches protocol for weight loss, I'm offering the HHCG drops for only $40 per 2oz bottle plus shipping.  Email for more information!

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