Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where I Started in My Weightloss Journey

I started working with EXL Fitness back in August of 2009.  At that time, I was pushing 200 pounds. Not quite there, but close enough to make me nervous.  My size 14 clothes were getting to small.  I didn't have the idea that I was grossly overweight - but I also knew my health was on the line.

That first boot camp work out kicked butt - mostly mine.  I worked with Pam Gover, and was startled to see how weak I had become over the 8 years of my now-ended marriage.

When I was single, I worked out all the time, sometimes twice a day, every day, and was very active and athletic.  With 2 kids born during my 30s, I didn't have the stamina to do what I had done in my 20s.  I was unhappy in my marriage, and ended up sleeping all the time, dragging around the house, and choking down my misery with Bavarian creme eclairs.

After working out a couple of months, I was getting stronger, but I didn't feel like I was losing pounds like I wanted to.  So on October 24, I began using a homeopathic HCG.

When I started the drops, I was 190 pounds, size 14, and had a waist measurement of 34" (and that was with my gut sucked in as hard as I could manage).  I remember being just devestated when I took my measurements because when I was younger, my CHEST measured 34", not my waist!  I knew I had a tummy, but I kept excusing myself saying it was from having kids (I have 5, 4 by c-section).

As of today, my waist measures 28", and I am 155.  I'm so excited about my success (yes, I still have 20 - 30 pounds to go) that I want to share it with you....what I did, what I'm doing, and how you can achieve the same thing. 

It's entirely doable.  It isn't an easy fix.  But if I can do it, you can too.

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