Monday, June 28, 2010

Still gaining...(Emotional Eating)

And I'm not happy about it, either.  Not. Happy.

It's emotional eating.  I know exactly what it is.  It's anger washed down with Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and Bavarian Cream Eclairs.  Frustration garnished with Big Macs and french fries.

Emotional eating. 

When I'm on protocol, I become very, very aware of how much I stuff emotion with food.  One of my friends has pointed out to me that I do stuff my emotions.  It wasn't till I got in a fight with my (now ex) husband one night, and found myself at the Wal Mart check out ("Just give me the eclairs and no one gets hurt!") shoveling down those frozen treats and not tasting them that I really got it.

Some people suffer from depression due to anger turned inward.

Me?  It's obesity. 

M&Ms as medication.  Ice cream as antidepressant. 

Recognizing it is the first step.  The second step is holding yourself accountable.  That's what I'm hoping to do here.  It's going to be a personal and emotional challenge to continue to post my weight every day, along with both my triumphs and my defeats. 

Let's get through this together!

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