Monday, June 28, 2010

It's 'DIE' with a T on the end!

I never go on diets.  Really.  Hard to believe if you are aware that I've been using the HCG protocol to lose fat quickly, but it's true. 

I want to change my lifestyle. 

The term "diet" to me means some sort of harmful fad - the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Dolly Parton Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Diet Du Jour.

So what makes the difference for me?

The HCG protocol is done in short "rounds".  21 days is the minimum round. 40 days is the max. It is followed by another 21 days of stabilizing, and 21 days of maintenence.  Ideally (and I recommend) you use this time to shake the McDonald's and sugar addictions.  For 21 - 40 days you release weight, and then you replenish your body. 

The protocol is also supplemented with a hormone shown to be efficacious in helping the body release fat.  Ihad previously noticed that I lost a lot of weight immediately after a miscarriage - 60 pounds in a summer.  The grief from the miscarriage killed my appetite, I avoided McD's (fast food is one of my weaknesses), I walked around the block at lunchtime.  I'd been doing those things for a long time and didn't lose - when my body was flooded with HCG I did.

When I first heard about HCG, I thought, "I can do anything for 21 days!"

If you follow the protocol exactly, you'll release the weight quickly.  I believe it is vital to follow up with good health, fitness, and nutrition habits. 

This isn't a "quick fix" or a "magic bullet."  It's simple, but not easy.  But in conjunction with all the other things I'm sure you've been doing to lose weight, it can certainly seem like the answer to a prayer.

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