Monday, February 14, 2011

VLCD Day 1 - Filling the Emotional Void

I'm not hungry, but I want to eat.  (I bought some loading foods yesterday that I didn't finish.  I keep telling myself they will still be available when I come off the protocol.)  The emotional stress that I've been dealing with hasn't eased. 

I had 2 apples today, and a chicken breast baked in salsa and chili powder.  The recipe called for Colby Jack cheese, but I took that off mine.  (The kids liked the cheese.)  Spring greens in Walden Farms dressing on the side.  I was full when I was finished eating dinner (meat and salad) but now I want to eat everything in sight.  The sad thing is, like I said, I'm not hungry. 

It's like an emotional hole that I want to stop up with food.  I'm working on being more aware of it (hence the blogging) and I'm using EFT to manage it.  I'm going to fix myself some herbal teas and drink a few gallons of tea and/or water.  Filling up with fluids is a good thing.  I usually don't drink enough water (diet Coke doesn't count) so that's probably an issue there.

Water - I take my "refill cup" from the convenience store and fill it with ice water.  Looks like a cup of soda, I drink it through a straw, and I end up drinking a lot more water than I would otherwise.  Water is imperative any time you're trying to lose weight.  I never quite give up my diet Coke, but I cut way back and add huge amounts of water.  It helps.

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