Sunday, February 13, 2011

Load Day 3

Yes, I know, Pounds and Inches says 2 load days.  I always do better when I do a third.  I've had so much fatty foods today, I am looking forward to healthy food tomorrow!  (Steak and salad on the menu!)  I've got apples chillin' in the fridge, plenty of salad greens, Walden Farms dressing, steaks, boneless skinless chicken breasts - yum! 

I freaked out a little when I weighed myself this morning.  But then, I had to remember that the weight gained from loading generally comes off quickly.  The fat loading is essential for rapid weight loss in the first week.  It's kind of like retaining water.  If you're retaining water, the best thing to do is ... drink more water.  I'm out to lose fat, so it makes sense to try to trick my body into believing that there is plenty of fat available.  That way, it won't try to hold on to it.

So far today I've had cheesecake, eclairs, pizza rolls, sour cream, cream cheese fruit dip.  I feel so full and kind of sick.  Here's to a rapid weight loss!

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