Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Nutrition + Exercise is Vital to Weight Loss

One of my personal frustrations is the idea that one can lose weight, permanently and healthily, by dieting alone.  It ain't gonna happen. Good nutrition (not a strict calorie-restricted diet) and exercise go hand in hand for a great, healthy body.

I do work with the HCG protocol, yes.  And it's calorie-restricted.  Except....I don't really restrict calories on it.  I eat my protein servings (three a day, not two, since I work out hard), of chicken breast or steak, and then scarf down veggies like no tomorrow.  And I'm full all the time.  I avoid carbs when HCGing. 

And it works for me!

But again - I work out and so I require extra calories.  A protein bar or shake after exercise, and a larger portion of protein at meal time, an extra apple - that's not going to stall progress.  Better yet, since I do work out, I get better results - sometimes up to 2 pounds a day.

Don't shortchange your body.  Give it good exercise and high quality nutrition, and you'll lose weight in the long run.

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