Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mind Body Connection to Weight Loss

First off, let's throw out the whole stupid notion that fat loss is just "calories in, calories out."  If you're working with HCG as a method of weight loss, you already know that's just not true.  If that was true, I'd be about 84 pounds of skin and bones.  Really!

In the past, I have tried everything to lose weight.  Now, I'm not "obese" (except by those ridiculous BMI measurements - I carry a lot of muscle so I "weigh heavy" for my size), but I've always wanted to slim down and feel trim and sexy again.  After five kids, there's some extra belly weight.  I'm concerned about my health, and I want to be strong.

So, I tried everything.  I would work out twice a day, five days a week.  I ate next to nothing,  I'd subsist on salads and no protein.  I'd basically starve myself down, and then struggle to maintain.  The first real emotional issue that would come up, I'd go right back to food to medicate myself. 

I'm starting to understand that part of the reason I gain weight when I'm emotionally distressed is that fat provides a layer of "protection."  Granted, that protection is emotional rather than physical.  I've been told all my life that I'm fat (even when I had a 24" waist), and gaining weight is a way of "proving them right."  There are so many emotional issues tied up in weight and food!

Right now, I'm considering what I need to do to release the emotions related to food, so I crave healthy food and stop eating when I'm satisfied.  Even as I write this, I'm struggling with a craving for ice cream - and I know I can't have sugar. (I get headaches when I eat too much sugar.)  I don't want the ice cream for any reason other than emotions!  I want to fill an emotional void.

I also know that the void will still be there after eating a half gallon of ice cream.  So the thing to do to fill the void is consider why I want ice cream.  And to do EFT to release the craving.

The setup would be something like this:  "Even though I want to eat ice cream, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Then I can work through, tapping the reasons why I want the ice cream.  Even though I feel empty inside, I deeply and completely accept myself.  Even though I don't think I deserve to lose weight.  Even though I want to hide behind my fat.  All those reasons can come up and be worked through. 

And once you work through what is keeping you fat, you can release the weight with grace, and ease, and HCG.

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