Monday, March 14, 2011

How Stress Affects the Body

I am convinced at this point that stress affects the body in ways that we can't even predict or understand.  Usually, when I'm stressed out, I end up eating more.  Yesterday and this morning, I was physically ill and unable to eat. 

Kind of unusual for me.  Nice, in a way, except for the nausea.

And it's all due to stress. 

Our bodies will react to stress in different ways, possibly related to the different kinds of stresses on the body.  One way, that every dieter has heard of, is the starvation mode.  Basically, when you go on a calorie restricted diet without HCG, your body then holds on to every single calorie, because it thinks there's a famine and there's no telling how long you'll need to go without food.

Which totally defeats the purpose, and causes more stress!

Other ways stress affects the body as pertaining to weight loss: It can lead to insulin resistance (which leads to weight gain), release cortisol (which leads to weight gain), and play havoc with your hormones.  And guess what that does?

I keep saying over and over.  Calories in/Calories out is nonsense.  There are too many other factors that lead some to eat like horses and be thin (oh, how I envy them) and others to simply smell dinner and gain weight.

How do you handle stress?


  1. Great post. I have gone through so much stress this last year and I totally agree how depending on the stress I am either not hungry at all or I starving like I haven't eaten in days.

    My friend started taking HCG drops but I have no idea what they are :( She said she lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks though

  2. Becky, if you're going to use HCG I recommend the homeopathic drops. They're much less expensive and still have the effect you want. You will have to follow the regimen in Pounds and Inches to the T.

    However, try working out to relieve stress (interval running is great) and start taking refined foods out of your diet. It will take longer, but your results will be longer lasting. Let me know if you need help.