Friday, September 17, 2010

Working at Home - A Mixed Blessing

Yup, I'm back to my home office.  Hurray!  (I like change.)  And as I continue my journey to 125 pounds, I can see that this is a mixed blessing.

Up in Alpine, there were no close restaurants.  So at work, either I brought food from home, or I was stuck in the office with my Diet Coke and bottled water.  At home....well, the fridge is right there. 

On the other hand, it's stocked with healthy food choices.  I've got my leftovers from last night waiting for me.  I'm close to the grocery store - and it makes more sense for me to purchase there and choose better foods. 

All in all, I'm having better success (so far) at home, since all my cooking stuff is here, and with a little forethought, I can choose better lunches that I might have when I was in the office.

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