Monday, September 6, 2010

Addicted to Weight Loss?

HCG is amazing.  I've never lost weight so quickly, so easily, in my life.  But I've been thinking about eating disorders, and how quickly the HCG protocol (or any regimen for that matter) can turn to addictive behavior.

While on protocol, the daily weight loss  (up to a pound per day, sometimes more) and the rapid changes in the body are amazing.  However, the diet is stringent - only 500 calories a day - and that extremely low intake in and of itself can be addictive.

The body image may be distorted.  It's so easy to think, "Just a few more pounds, and I'll be happy."  It's easy to keep seeing yourself as fat when you're not.

During this, or any other diet, it's important to consider WHY you're on a diet.  I want to reach a specific goal - 125 pounds, 36-24-36 - and when I reach this, I will stop.  Period.  I am dieting, yes, partly because of appearance, but also because of health concerns.  I do NOT want to look underweight or emaciated.  I like my hips and my chest.

But oh, it is so addicting to see those numbers on the scales go down so much every day!

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