Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple Day

Pounds and Inches says that when you stall for a few days, you're to do an "apple day."  Today, for this round, is that day.

For an apple day, you eat 6 apples.  And that's it.  Simeons says to cut back on fluids, too, but that's folly - I drink more liquids on an apple day to keep me from being hungry all day.

The interesting thing is that by eating just apples (even though it's the same calories!) I will drop about 2 pounds overnight.

The reason for my stall this time, is that lovely Aunt Flo has come to visit, and she has a habit of stalling things for me.  So, ladies, be aware that this is a reason for a stall.  (Sorry, guys, I know it's TMI, but it's also a fact of female life.)

This morning I had my water and Diet Coke.  For the rest of the day, I will have my six apples.  Tomorrow morning, I'll be back on the regular protocol.

Still stuck at 165.2.  I'm looking forward to progress in the morning!

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