Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 3 VLCD

I weighed in this morning at 166.4.  That is down 3.6 pounds from my start weight of 170.  I'm pretty hopeful now that a 40 day round will see me to my goal weight of 135.  I am already seeing my tummy start to "deflate." It's exciting to see the changes so quickly!

One of the things I noticed before, is that if I allow myself a cheat -- even one -- it opens everything up and I might as well hang up the round.  I have to be really, super careful.  I'm like that in a lot of ways in my life - if I leave my savings account alone, I'm fine, but once I dip into it, it's open season.  If I allow myself a day to sleep in, pretty soon I'm sleeping in all the time.  It's like, once I cross that boundary, it becomes very difficult to re-establish that boundary.

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