Monday, November 22, 2010

Indoor vs Outdoor Exercise

I just saw a tweet that said, "I do not trust treadmill numbers. Indoor workouts and outdoor workouts exist in different spaces and should not be compared."


All workouts are different.  That's why we cross train!  Well, that's why I cross-train.  I don't want my body to get used to just running, or just lifting, or just hiking.  I want to be lean and fit across the board.

I love weight training, and I can walk for miles (walked 10 miles yesterday to work off a good mad), and I can dance all night and then some, but sprinting makes me ache, mountain biking gets me winded pretty quick, and hiking will kill my knees if I'm not careful. 

But I want to live an active lifestyle. 

I'm not after just marathoning, or triathalons... I'm after fitness. 

Because of the broad range of activities I pursue, I have to say all workouts exist in different spaces. 

So - what are your workout/fitness goals?

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