Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Break

I am taking a break from active dieting.  I'm sitting at 155 right now.  My goal is to be about 135, so I still have about 20 pounds to go.  My boyfriend thinks I'm thin enough (although he said that 30 pounds ago, too, bless his heart!) and is actually concerned about my losing too much weight. 

I'm a size 4 jean according to the jeans I just bought at the thrift shop, a size 7 in designer (stretch denim).  Overall I'm very happy with my size.  I'm getting compliments all over the place. 

After the holidays (probably after my birthday in February) I plan to do another round to release the last little bit of weight.  Right now, I'm maintaining very happily.


  1. Congrats on your progress on your journey! How about some new pics? I need some motivation.... I'm having one of those "I don't really believe I'll ever really get there" days. You must be around my same height. 135 is my final goal weight as well (statistically, anyway) at this point I'd be ecstatic to break 200 and make it to ONE-derland! lol

  2. I'll see about new pics soon. Life has been hectic! You'll really get there....

    I am 5'3". Maybe I'll get pix taken with my boyfriend - he's twice my size! 6'5" and 292 (and that's pretty trim for him!) That ought to make me look little, LOL!